Thursday, October 06, 2011


Ben can get himself all in a tizz over his homework very easily.
Somedays it flows nicely whilst on others it is harder than turning the tap on.

However the other day he asked us what jobs didn't have paperwork?
Turns out he doesn't want to do any!
On further investigation, it turns out that his only understanding about paperwork is homework and that is what he doesn't want to do in a job....homework!

I had just finished my last essay for my degree and he felt this was paperwork for my job (it is not, as I am doing this totally seperate from anything to do with work) so we had to explain that in fact my essays are for my school not work, that they were my homework like he has.

We did go though some jobs and discuss what paperwork would be involved, he caught on pretty quickly that, hopefully, training in a job would give you all the information and skills you would need to complete any paperwork involved.

Funny the little things that bother them somedays.

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