Monday, October 24, 2011

It is Over

The boys are in bed, the washing mountain has been reduced to nothing, the cats are happy to see us and I am so looking forward to sleeping in my own bed tonight.
The long weekend everyone has been desperately waiting for has now come to a close.
And WOW what a weekend it has been.

It has been fun lounging around the caravan for 5 nights with family and friends. The weather has not been totally on our side, man we got hit with some strong winds at one stage for 24 hours. Although as usual on the day we are leaving the sun comes out in force!
We got to have fun on Friday night watching the Australian defeat the Welsh (not that that was the result I wanted), but the Welsh fought like mad and oh what an ending to a tough game. The Welsh deserved every point they earnt and I am just so sad for them, but they sure went home huge heros in the eyes of the fans at home. Such a little team to have come 4th in the Rugby World Cup (RWC). Well done to them all.

And to end the weekend we had the awesome time of watching the RWC final on the big screen. It was a tense and exciting game and we are so glad we let the boys stay up to watch it, although they both just about fell a sleep about 10 minutes from the end, but oh how they both fought it, eyelids drooping and snuggled nicely on Grandma and mummy's lap and then wow, game finished both boys wide awake and excited.
Just in case you didn't know New Zealand beat the French 8-7 in the RWC Final in Auckland, New Zealand last night, and as we live in New Zealand then you can guarentee this is all anyone is talking about. The 6 O'Clock news was rugby, rugby oh and just to finish it off with a little more rugby tonight, maybe something else will happen in the world tonight and they will report this tomorrow!

If the weekend has finished then it also means that the school holidays have come to a close as well. School is back tomorrow but for all of 8 weeks and then we are into Christmas school holidays.
The boys has lounged around, watched dvd's, lots of tv and run till they have no puff left with their friends at the caravan.
Tomorrow we have the joy of facing homework again, late nights with judo and just general life.

We are slowly creeping to the end of October too, Blogtoberfest is coming to a close as well. I have just checked my posts and with being away for the weekend then I did miss 2 days of posts, but with having posted twice on some days then I will still manage to end the month with 31 posts and that I am happy with.
I have made some wonderful new blog friends throughout the month and I am having such fun catching up with what they are doing. I have learnt a new craft, Mail art and gained some new things to think about making when I have the time! Yea right, maybe in 20 years time.

So the last load of washing is calling my name to go and hang it up, my bed is calling too, telling me how soft and snuggly it will be and my new suduko book arrived in the mail this weekend, so some puzzling before lights out is on the menu too.

Have a great week all, catch you soon

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Alison said...

Glad to hear you had such a lovely weekend, Kathryn...and that the rugby result was what we were all rooting for! Hope the boys have a good week at school and that you find some 'crafty' time!
Alison xx