Monday, April 02, 2012

B is for Balloons

Every year in Hamilton they hold the "Balloons over Waikato"
It is spectacular every year and always brings out 'ohs & ahs' from young and old.
It has just been here for the last 5 days and we have been lucky enough to have awesome weather to allow the balloons to fly each day.

On the first day we drove to work only to oh & ah our way there as the skyline in front of us filled with at least 20 balloons of every shape and colour.
Sadly no, pictures of the skyline as no camera with me at the time!

Sadly the only other time we managed to get to see the balloons was at the Night Glow, which is a big huge concert that is put on free of charge on the Saturday night. The balloons are all there and they inflate and then light up whilst music is playing. It looks spectacular.
I managed to get some pictures but they are not the greatest but they give you the idea of the whole evening....

The balloons start to inflate

Part of the 80,000 there

other half of the 80,000

more inflation and up they rise

Iwi the Kiwi rising from the ground

Iwi the Kiwi

The kangaroos going up too

all a glow

everyone a glow
They ended the display with fireworkls as usual. It is awesome to see and such a privilige that we are able to attend free of charge. There is not much nowadays that is still free to attend.


Claire Hennessy said...

I love hot air balloons. Sounds like a wonderful event. I miss seeing them now I'm in California as there used to lots in England.

Alison said...

It DOES sound like a great the boys are enthralled!
Alison xx

Lulu said...

I love going to what we in the southern part of the US call "balloon glows". There is a fairly large one about twenty miles from my home each Memorial Day weekend in May. The day starts off with antique tractor chows and car shows and ends with all the balloons landing in the middle of a huge field, and fireworks at the end. My son loved seeing it last year, as he was almost two years old that weekend.