Monday, April 30, 2012

Z is for 'zadnji' & 'zooloski vrt'

"Zadnji" for all those that don't know, the word is Croatian for 'last'.
And yes, today is the last post of the A to Z Challenge for April.

"Zooloski vrt" is also Croatian for 'zoo'

We have a zoo in Hamilton, a very nice one too.
I visited a few times when we first moved here but had not been there for over 4 yrs.
They never did family annual passes and so therefore it cost us direct money everytime you wanted to attend.
In Auckland we were able to buy an annual pass and then you attended as many times as you wanted throughout the year. Much better as you didn't require money everytime, just pack a lunch and some drink and away you went for 2 hours or 4. With the boys being so little at the time, we happily lost an afternoon watching elephants and tigers!

However during the school holidays my cousin asked if she could take the boys to the zoo?
Yes, take them all day, even over night if you want? Which she sadly didn't!
However due to vehicle trouble on our part I ended up going with them.
It was great, I thought we would only be there for 2 hours or so, so was quite surprised when 5 hours later we decided we had completed the zoo, seen all we wanted and were ready to leave!
They have even started to do annual family passes as well, so we have decided that we will attend as a family soon and secure ourselves a pass, as we know that once we have it we will happily use it.
So what follows is some pictures of the animals we saw on our trip to the zoo.

hello are you looking at me?

this little green bird was very friendly

not sure on this species, but couldn't find the cage they came from to return them either! Who lets animals roam freely like that anyway!

This one happily talked to us

Fun day had with family (Alex took the picture)


Alison said...

Congrats on completing the month Kathryn!
Alison xx

Marcie said...

My final post was Z as in zoo, too :-)

Michelle Jones said...

Aren't you glad it's over? I loved it though, honestly.