Wednesday, April 18, 2012

P is for People & PhD's

Well more like people watching.
Is this a sport that everyone plays or is it just me?
I love people watching. I have never quite gone so far as creating stories for the people I see but I do wonder what they are up to?

For a long time I always wondered why you saw children out of school during the week? But now that so many people home school I realised that they were probably out doing a lesson on something.
And once I started working shift work I realised what fun it was to people watch in the middle of the week when you are on a day off and wonder what everyone else is doing?

You definitely see some weird and wonderful stuff sitting quietly off to one side watching the world and the people go by.

I have watched 2 people meet in front of a restaurant before, it was obvious that they were on a blind date. It was so funny watching their reactions to each other, sadly I am not sure it was going to work out! But it definitely gave us entertainment for a while one evening.
The same goes for new blogs I come across, I love going all the way back to the beginning and getting to know them, what they were doing, why they started their blog and where they are now. Helps me get to know them and their style of writing better. Do you do the same?


Do you have one of these?
Have you worked hard enough to gain one?
Have you ever considered getting one?

I have and I have been successful. I have sweated lots, swore lots, yelled lots and still I have a PhD.
In fact I can honestly say that I have several PhD's

And for those of you who are now totally confused...a a Project Half Done!
Yep every stitcher, crafter, quilter etc will totally understand me and will confess to having a PhD somewhere in their house!

I love the colours in this

this is how far I have got!

I started this in 1999! I have 2 rows of hand quilting and the binding to complete!

This is so cute

these are some of the pieces for it, only been on the go for 7 years now!
I am proud of my PhD's I have at least 10...didn't I do well.


Francene Stanley said...

Haha. I only have one project half doen--well, three quarters really. That's my latest novel. I always finish what I start. Dogged determination, I guess. I must admit, this month the determination has waned with the pressure of reading. Blog on!

Danielle L Zecher said...

I like your PhDs. I usually don't even make it to half-way with most of my projects. I think almost everyone engages in some sort of people watching, it's just about impossible not to.

Alison said...

LOL at your Phds!
Alison xx