Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I is for Information about I

Yes this post is going to be all about me.
Here is some useless information that I am sure you were just dying to know about.
And seeing as 'I' is the 9th letter of the alphabet then I will post 9 things about me only......

  1. I love finding spelling and grammer mistakes in books. Makes me wonder what the Proof Reader was getting paid for if they managed to miss it?
  2. I love going to the movies and wish I had more time and money to be able to go and watch all the ones I want to see.
  3. I have only ever found 2 nail polish colours that look good on my fingernails, so I prefer them natural instead. My toes however are always painted and am happy with blue, black, purple, red or pink. In fact any colour of the rainbow as long as it is on my toe nails!
  4. I always wanted 4 children. In fact I would have happily gone for 6 but I accept the reasons why I only have 2 but that still doesn't make the want of more go away.
  5. I wish I was able to throw food together like my brother and husband. They have the nack with flavour and know just what to add to make it taste just yum. They can turn mince beef and potatoes into something gourmet!
  6. I love socialising but am no good at small talk, I never know what to talk about.
  7. I don't drink alcohol, tea or coffee.
  8. I love sugar, well as long as it is in the form of cakes, puddings etc
  9. If you brought me the biggest bar of choclate you could find, it would still be there a year later, unless my husband found it then it would be gone in a week! Same with Easter Eggs. I don't like solid thick chocolate!
Information about me.


Danielle L Zecher said...

I love finding spelling and grammar mistakes in books too. It's nice to know I'm not the only one.

I found your blog on the A to Z sign up list. It's nice to meet you.

Marcie said...

I always find the mistakes whether I try or not (well, in my native German that is)...they just jump out of the book...
I really liked getting to know you on today's post. Your blog looks inviting, really colorful!
I am visiting from the A-Z challenge!

Alison said...

that's funny...I love finding mistakes in books too..AND my hubby and daughter can cook much better than I can!... Chocolate is my downfall though!
Alison xx