Sunday, April 01, 2012

A is for About

About this challenge, about who I am, about what you can expect on this blog.

This challenge, if you are not visiting from there, is about blogging throughout April using all the letters of the alphabet, in order. You have until tomorrow to sign up if you think this is something you would like to take part in. Go over here and check it all out. There are over 1400 people signed up to take part, so if you want some new blogs to check out there is a well prepared list just waiting for you to visit and comment on.

About me.....I am a mother of 2 little boys, well not so little now almost 7 & 9yrs old.
I am British but have lived here for 14 years and I am married to Steve, he is a Kiwi and we have been together for nearly 13 years. We have been married for almost 4! Yes we did everything backwards!
I love to blog, read, sew (quilt, cross stitch, embroider) and generally hang with our adorable 2 boys and have lots of fun.
I am a nurse and I would like to be a Primary School Teacher one day.

Steve and I

Ben (9yr old) and I

Steve and Alex (7yr old)

About this blog...........well I started this blog in 2005/6 so I was able to let all my relatives around the world see how our 2 little boys were growing up. I felt this way I could post what I wanted and if they wanted to check then that was up to them, that way I also didn't keep filling their email in-box with oodles of messages just because 1 of the boys had done something that we thought was really cute! Which was cute to us but not to others!
Over the years it has now developed into a place to continue to write about what our family is up to. What things I want to complain about, talk about, show people and generally comment on.

So come along and follow me for this month as I talk and post about all manner of things, some fun, some serious and some, well maybe just down right ridiculous!


Alison said...

Well done for getting started Kathryn...I'm STILL procrastinating!
Lovely to find out some more about you
Alison xx

Rubye Jack said...

There's no other way to live but for today. Yes, awesome.
Already, I'm having fun with the A-Z.

Claire Hennessy said...

Hello, nice to meet you - I am also a Brit living in a different country. Your boys look so cute :)

M.J. Joachim said...

Wow! You're already on B...gotta love the Internet. It's still April 1 and early evening here in the south western United States. Nice to meet you. Looking forward to reading more of your blog...good luck with April's Challenge!