Saturday, April 07, 2012

G is for Garden

Even though our garden is a continuous work in progress we do still try and make the parts that are sorted look good.
We seem to have mastered a few spring / summer veggies to grow and these are part of our annual plan now.
Last year we planted some potatoes, first time of growing them, we were really successful and although we didn't plant too many, we enjoyed the fruits of our labour, although like all things we are already trying to better enhance the system to make it better.

Steve actually did as someone recommended and cut the plants when they died back and left the pots in the ground, we dug them up and they were still perfect, this has now given me loads of ideas as to what I could do with potatoes!

We have never been big on autumn / winter growing veggies, although each year we do try to find something to grow. This year we are getting sorted with plenty of time so we have planted leeks, onions (brown and red), spring onions and carrots, oh and a little spinach to add to the mix.
Not sure how it will all go but if we don't try we can't learn from it.
Will keep you posted on how we are doing and the fruits of our labour in a few months time.

We have one flower bed out the front that is the first thing you see when you come on to our property, so for me this needs to always look nice as otherwise the place looks so bare!
In the spring / summer time we plant sunflowers. these have done so very well in the last 2 years. This last summer we grew tall ones and at one stage they were up to the roof. It gave us a lovely natural curtain to block the road view from the living room. In fact at one stage we opened the french window in the living room and watched the world go by but no one could see us!

When these came down it left the bed looking very bare, so we planted some winter colour.
I also slipped in a few daffodil bulbs so as the colour is dying back we will get the odd shoot coming through giving us more colour until we plant some more sunflowers.

The boys also wanted a swan plant each, so we have to work out where to place these and then maybe we will see some lovely butterflies in the garden after we have watched the caterpillars change.

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Twins Happen said...

What a lovely garden. You are such an inspiration...we live in Arizona, and I am terrified of planting veggies out of fear that I will fail miserably. But you never know, if you don't try, right :)