Tuesday, April 24, 2012

U is for Useful

I wasn't sure what to do for 'U' then I heard someone talking about something useful they did and then it struck me, I could talk about something useful to my blogging.

Someone once told me that it was always a good idea to keep a pen and notebook beside your bed.
You never know when a great idea or post will come to you or you might remember something that you need to sort the next day etc, so always good to have something to be able to jot it down on and with.

It seems that blog posts come to me as I lay drifting off to sleep. These wonderful ideas spring to mind and suddenly I am layed there with my eyes closed writing the post in my head. The words are flowing and they sound good too.
So I have started to turn my light back on and write down what I was planning in my head, then I don't have to try and remember it the next day or forget the wonderful words I used in the original draft of the post.
Steve doesn't go to bed until much later than I, so I never disturb him as he is usually not in bed at this time!

I find this useful because once it is written down on paper then I find I drift off to sleep much easier as I no longer have all these words racing round in my head, which is great because I love my sleep.


Grover said...

This is great advice - lately I've been finding that I think of an amazing idea just before bed and then forget it in the morning. Pen and notepad are now in position by the bed!

Janyce said...

That is a good idea. I'd like to be able to do that, but my husband's always in bed first. I could always try writing in the dark. It would be interesting to see what I wrote the next day.:)

Alison said...

'Useful' advice Kathryn!....I love notebooks, and have them lying all over the house..I find them especially useful for writing and re-writing my journalling before it goes on to a page

PS Did that little package ever arrive?