Wednesday, April 04, 2012

D is for Describing Decoration and Dizzy

As our house is a work in progress then there is not much decoration on the walls yet. Mainly because we still need to paint and then work out what we want in each room.
Until that happens I am decorating with words in the areas I can add interest.

In the kitchen I have words on the fridge.

In the family area I have words with my pictures.

And 1 or 2 other little plaques with funny sayings

In the living room I will eventually have some little words to add to my ornaments but they are still wrapped away with the ornaments whilst we are sorting walls out etc. They are the words "love" and "family". I also have some more words for the living room wall as well, things like 'play' 'relax' 'friends' & 'love'

The only piece of art we have decorating the walls is a set of 3 tiles we got given as a wedding present. They represent nature in a New Zealand setting and I love them.

What decorations do you have around your house?


Last Thursday I got out of bed and had a nice meeting with the wardrobe and the bed!
Luckily they worked together and I ended up sitting on the bed and not the floor!
After it happened again on Friday morning I decided to see the doctor.
Full bloods done and sent home to wait.
After a long, long weekend, where I spent a lot of time lying down trying to stop the world from spinning, we have finally discovered that I have fluid build up in my inner ear.
I feel fit and healthy, wish I had a cold or ache to go with this illness but alas nothing, all I have is dizziness!!

Alas we have also discovered that the pills to assist with drying up the fluid are no good for me, well I didn't particularly like the nausea, restlessness, insomnia or the extra dizziness that came with them, not sure why not, just not feeling like playing the "let's take the pills cause they will help but make me feel like s*#t' game at the moment! Such a spoilsport really aren't I?
So each day is getting a little easier, although still spinning frequently, but I will definitely be happier when the world isn't so dizzy!

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Alison said...

Sorry to hear the medication is only making you feel worse....and your wall decor is SO like mine it's uncanny!!
Alison xx