Thursday, April 05, 2012

E is for Enid Blyton

When I was a little girl, I read lots of books by Enid Blyton.
She did simple basic stories for children of all ages, ok I will agree they are aged. When you read them nowadays some of the stuff makes you laugh as they were definitely books of their time but they are still pleasant enough to read for young children today.

I have started to see many of her books in local bookshops here in New Zealand recently, I get the feeling they are reproducing them and releasing them again.
Things like The Enchanted Wood which houses the Faraway Tree, written and first released in 1939, The Wishing Chair and many books that hold lots of little one off stories. All written and released in the 1940's.

I have been collecting the books and we have started to read them to the boys at night.

She is also famous for writing the "Famous Five" and the "Secret Seven"
I never actually read these when I was little as I always thought they were for boys, but I will definitely show my 2 boys these books and see if they are interested in reading them.

Did you ever read any of these books or any of the other hundreds of books Enid Blyton wrote?


Claire Hennessy said...

Oh my goodness, I read ALL Enid Blyton books when I was younger. Loved them. And all the Mallory Towers books too, which were particularly relevant as I was at boarding school at the time. So fabulously British ... lashings of ginger beer!

Alison said...

Oh yes!...Enid Blyton was the Queen of children's writers, wasn't she? I read ALL of the famous Five and Secret Seven books, as well as Mallory Towers and the St.Clares series...I reckon that EB got me hooked on reading!
Alison xx