Sunday, April 08, 2012

Tears at Easter

My 2 gorgeous little boys woke up this morning at the caravan.
Apparently they were very lucky in that the bunny left them some chocolate on their beds.

Grandma also gave them some chocolate but they had to work for this by doing a treasure hunt, more on that tomorrow.
However when the hunt had finished they proudly showed me what they had got this morning from the bunny, then they raced upstairs to my bed.
I followed questionably as I had no idea what they were going up to find?
They were pulling my bed to pieces apparently wanting to know where my egg was that the bunny had left me this morning?

It broke my heart to have to stand there and tell them "The Easter Bunny didn't leave mummy an egg this morning!"
Ben was quite shocked "But mummy he left ours at the end of our bed and daddy's too, didn't he leave you one too?"
"No I answered"

Then I came downstairs and tried to explain to Steve that they were upstairs trying to find my easter egg from the bunny, that had not arrived!

It broke my heart them having to realise that I didn't receive anything this year from the Bunny.
Such a shame they didn't realise that I didn't get an egg last year either or the year before that either!

So nice of them to think about me anyway?

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Alison said...

You will have to remember to get one for yourself next year!
Alison xx