Thursday, April 26, 2012

W is for Wedding Day

How did you choose the day you were going to have your wedding on?

Was it a special day already?
Was it your birthday?
Was it the only day the restaurant you wanted was free?
Did you choose it 2 years in advance?
Was it because of the time of year you wanted to get married?
Was there a limitation of time for you to get married and this date just fitted your time frame?
Did someone else choose it for you?

This has always fascinated me....why people chose the day they did for their wedding!

I got married in September.
Was this my dream time to marry? No I always envisaged myself being a summer bride.
Although we were very lucky and ended up with the hottest day in September.
We got engaged in the March and knew we wouldn't be waiting too long to set the day.
In fact we ended up setting the day to coincide with ......wait for it........the school holidays!
Yes there I said it, we planned our wedding day around when the school holidays were!

Our oldest son was just turning 5 and had just started school. We were going to Dubai for our honeymoon / family holiday to visit my parents and so we decided to go when we knew it wouldn't effect Ben's first few weeks at school.
I actually chose the date in September...the 20th, which had to be an even number date (don't like odd numbers!), so that took out the week before and the week after. I know September is an odd number month, but sandwiched between number 20 and 2008, then I was happy with it. This sat nicely with the last week of term and flowed nicely into the 2 week school holiday.
Then it just started to transpire that this date was significant throughout Steve's family and suddenly we knew we had chosen the correct date for us and that it was never going to change.
Steve's parents had gotten married on Sept 20, Steve had joined the navy on Sept 20th and there was one other coincidence as well which I can't remember now.

So there you have it, why we chose our wedding day.


Danielle L Zecher said...

I love you W post, what a sweet idea! Also, is that your wedding cake? It's so pretty! Ours had butterflies too. We chose September 28 for a few reasons (1) I hate the cold and my husband hates the heat, so it was a month we'd both both be happy in, (2) his mom and step-dad and my aunt and uncle met online (like we did) and were married in September, so we wanted to continue that tradition, (3) most of our friends and family have jobs that make getting time off on a weekend pretty hard, so we wanted a date that wouldn't coincide with a holiday or anything else to make getting the time off harder. Have you noticed that September seems to be a very popular wedding month?

Dropping by from A to Z; it's nice to meet you.

Claire Hennessy said...

Ahh nice :) Obviously meant to be. Our wedding date was chosen by US Immigration! LOL (Not literally but almost!) I arrived in the country on 3 Nov and we had 90 days to marry or that was it! We got married on 6 Dec. Yep, after getting kids into new schools, buying furniture and decorating bedrooms, didn't leave me a whole lot of time to arrange a wedding! Think I did it in 2 weeks!

Alison said...

I wanted to get married on my 21st Birthday (Jan 29), but my mum talked out of it because she reckoned it would be freezing...we then went for march 29 (it's mum and dad's WA too)-and guess what? SNOWED the week up to our wedding..though the day itself was dry and sunny, but FREEZING!
Alison xx