Saturday, April 21, 2012

S is for Soccer and Stitching

Aside from Judo, the other sport to start getting part of our life is soccer.
Ben played last year and this year they are both playing!
So after the Easter holidays are over we need to sort out the following gear for them both:
  • Socer boots
  • Red or black socks
  • Black shorts
  • Shin guards
Although my sport for the winter is starting to stitch again.
I have been a cross stitcher since I was Ben's age. I have tried embroidery and quilting but I always seem to come back to stitching.
To see some of my first ever pieces from when I was little go check out my quilting page.
I am starting slow this winter as it has been many years since I last stitched anything due to growing my boys, although now I don't have that as an excuse as 1 of the boys has decided that stitching looks like fun and is currently taking an active role in my fun too.

Yes Alex has started stitching too.

Grandma taught him how to sew and even drew him a spider web on some material. he has eagerly finished this and is now onto a new project.
Which leads me onto my little tip for you.
If you need to put a design on fabric and don't have a light box then just use what is readily available to us all.....Natural Light!

Take one window, several pieces of tape, the picture and the fabric. Took me 5 minutes to trace the design Alex wanted and I don't have any fancy dangled light box to use but you would never have known!

Oh the last thing before you go....apparently, occording to all the books I have read, I stitch backwards, well on cross stitch anyway!
Yep, all the books show you stitching from bottom left to top right and then bottom right to top left.
Muggins here goes top left to bottom right and then top right to bottom left!

At the end of the day as long as all my stitches go the same way who cares!


Carol said...

My boys all played soccer, too, when they were young--busy days :)

How sweet that Alex is learning to stitch--and a spider is just the thing!

Alison said...

I stitch the same way as you Kathryn!
Alison xx