Friday, April 13, 2012

L is for Lemon & Lime

For my 40th birthday nearly 2 years ago someone actually brought me a lemon and a lime tree for a present.
I thought it was one of the best gifts I received.

They have both since been planted in the garden and we have watched them grow so well over the last 18 months.
The lemon tree is in full bloom with fruit.

Not sure if they will ever turn yellow but if they do I will have more lemons than I can handle. Will have to find plenty of recipes for lemons!

The lime tree is growing but has not fruit. Not sure whether this is normal and that they take longer to get fruit on first time round or not. But it is growing well, is still nice and green and seems very happy, so will not panic that it has no fruit as of yet.


Linds said...

I had a beautiful old lemon tree in South Africa, and it had SO many lemons on it every year. I don't think I appreciated it then, but oh, I would love one now. lemon curd is easy and keeps for a good time in jars. Or squeeze the lemons and pop the juice in ice cube trays and freeze and keep in bags. Lots you can do to keep the goodness going all year! Just the time, of course, as always. I am really enjoying this series of yours!

nutschell said...

what a beautiful gift. I'd love to get a tree for my bday too:)
Happy A-Zing!

Alison said...

We've had a lime tree for three years now, and although it's grown nicely it hasn't borne any fruit at all!
Alison xx