Thursday, April 12, 2012

K is for Kuwait

In 1977 my family moved to Kuwait.

Yes that is correct, Kuwait, the place of the Gulf War in 1991.

We actually flew there 2 days before my 7th birthday, I sort of remember some of it and other parts I don't.
My father worked for a British Cable Company and we had the ultimate pleasure of living there for 4 years.
I actually went to school there for the whole time we lived there. It was a British School set up there. I even went to Brownies and Guides as well.

I visited these towers very often.
They are actually water towers although the largest ball with the windows round it is actually a restaurant.
It was gold if you managed to go there for dinner. The floor rotated inside so throughout dinner you got a full view of Kuwait City and then a full view out over the Gulf. It was awesome.

I can even count from 1 to 10 in Arabic and can read arabic numbers.
I know thank you and hello in Arabic.
Not bad for someone who was 11 years old when she left!


Nicki Ivey said...

It sounds like you enjoyed your time there. Living in a different country when young sounds like a great experience, one I wish I had been able to have. Alas, I'm Iowan pretty much all the way. *sigh*

Great post! Just another A to Z Challenger stopping by...

Alison said...

What an interesting place to have'll be glad not to have still been there a few years later though!
Alison xx