Thursday, January 15, 2009

At 1pm today I heard on the news that a small child, about 2yrs in age, had been found in Auckland wandering the street.
Luckily for her it is summer, so the vest and pyjama trousers she is wearing is warm enough for this weather.
Anyway, she had been picked up by the local police and was being held until someone came forward to claim her.
That was at 8am today that she was found, as I write this at 3pm, 7 hours later, still no one has come forward with a missing child claim.

She is approximately 2 yrs old, wearing not much clothing, no shoes, has long brown hair and sounds very cute.
The police are hoping for a happy family reunion, but my concern is that if 7 hours later no one has even come forward, then when does Child Youth & Families get involved?
To me, if a child has not been claimed for over 7 hours I would not be letting her be reunited with family until an investigation has been put into place as to why no one noticed her missing for a whole day?

I remember loosing Alex in the shopping mall for 5 minutes and I was beside myself! Everyone in the shop knew he was missing, I made enough noise about it.

I will let you know when she has been reunited or what the outcome happens to be....

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Scribbit said...

Oh no--now I"m going to worry about the child all day. I hope her parent(s) are okay and that there wasn't some kind of an accident.