Sunday, January 18, 2009

Out of Control

We have a cul de sac that runs behind our house, so infact our neighbours surround us. The fences round our back garden go into 3 or 4 different property's.
The ones directly behind us, are the noisey ones.
They like to play the music loud and always seem to have their parties outside! Oh and it doesn't come from a stereo in the house, oh no that would be too normal, this music has to come from the van parked in the driveway. So you get that cheap stereo, vibrating metal, tinny sound that all 20 yr olds just seem to love at present!

Yesterday was no exception.
They do not own the house, in fact I am pretty certain that it is a rental, maybe even a private rental at that!
Anyway, about 7pm they started playing the music.
Now I can tolerate this for a certain amount of time, I like to give people the due that it is their property and there is no reason why, for a small amount of time they can't play their music so everyone in a 3 mile radius can hear it.
Steve on the other hand hates it. As soon as the music goes on you can see him move, looking around and generally loosing his patience with them.

The music was still going in some sort or other for most of the evening. When I went to bed at 10pm it was still there although not too loud so nothing to really worry about although they turned it up louder for 1 song at 11, that was enough to wake both our boys and have them come flying into me.
So when Steve came to bed just after 11 last night, he found all 3 of us a sleep in the 1 bed, so cute.

At 3am, that is when things got out of control. The music stopped and the yelling, swearing and hitting began.
Hitting I hear you say, yes, hitting! Luckily not people, we could tell that much from the noise, but sadly one of the people had over done it, not sure if it was on alcohol or even drugs, but he was not a happy chappy and I think he wanted everyone in Hamilton to know about it!
He was wacking the crap out of something, we could hear things getting smashed about, glass breaking etc all the time he was calling someones name and then following it up with lovely swear words.
I thought he was rearranging the house and the front door, but later I decided that he was actually rearranging the car. This might have been a little obvious when at 3.30am he decided to lean on the horn in the car, you know, the 'are you all now awake type lean on the car horn'

The whole time this was happening, I was laid there listen and wondering whether I should call the police. At least just to shut him up. I was waiting to hear people screaming and crying because the the police would have been called immediately. But it was obvious from my dark bed that there was no one involved just this guy.

I woke this morning to the sound of rain outside and immediately thought of the car that I thought he had been smashing the crap out of. Yes I have to admit that once I got up, I went to the end of the garden, in the rain and my pyjamas to peruse the damage. I was actually hoping it was getting very wet and ruined inside from all the rain.
Nothing that I could really see, although the car that was in the driveway has a smashed windscreen and I could see some glass on the driveway, so I think the van that was there yesterday afternoon may have taken the full brunt, but if it did, then I am not sure how it would have been driven anywhere.
Steve, would you believe, did exactly the same thing as me when he got up. He noticed that some of the weather boards on the house by the front door are damaged but like me is amazed that there is nothing reallly there.

I am quite tempted to go for a little walk later and maybe stroll the cul de sac to see if the said vehicle is not parked in the road. No worries about the occupants, they probably won't surface until 3 this afternoon!

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Needled Mom said...

That sounds like a nightmare. I am surprised that someone did not call the police.