Thursday, January 22, 2009

New Job

Yea for me, I have a new job.
And yes I have accepted it and yes I am excited, finally.

I applied for a job as a Vaccinator, yes, one of those miserable people who sticks needles in children's arms.
Although the children I am going to be hurting are 15 & 16yr old girls who are receiving the Goverment Funded Human Papillomavirus (Cervical Cancer Vacinate)

It is given in a 3 course programme and so I am going to be going around the schools in the Hamilton area with a team of other nurses, during the whole of this years school year, through to November, giving the vacinate to these darling young ladies.

The position is for as many hours as I would like each week, so I am looking at 3 days, and we get the school holidays off each term.

The only down side of the position is that it is a fixed term contract through to the middle to end of November. So unfortunately as of Dec 1, I will be jobless, although there is always the Nursing Agency if I get desperate.

I had to speak to the lady today who was organising this job, I was only calling to find out exactly when we would be finding out if we had been successful, due to the fact there are so many other people involved with my current job that I needed to be able to give my current boss some acurate information which I just didn't know.

She said we would be finding out today, but that if I held on she would just confirm something. So I held and then she came back to me and said...
"We would love to have your onboard our team, please accept!"

When someone offers you a job like that, it makes you feel really nice, or at least they are desperate, what ever I don't care, I told her that as she had put it that way, how could I not accept and that I would be delighted to be part of their team.

So now I just have to wait for a call about the finer details of the job, start date, training dates etc and then I can get life organised for this year with my new position.


Needled Mom said...

Ouch! It's a good thing that it is for a good cause. Glad you got the job.

Kent and Leisy said...

your life seems to be full of all sorts of changes in the past while! kind of exciting! congrats on this new job!! oh, and I loved your last comment on my blog about zeb :) thanks!