Thursday, January 15, 2009

A New Blog to Follow

Like everyone else I have a happy time surfing around on the blogs, reading different things, commenting on things, lurking sometimes and not saying a word!
I have loaded up my following list so I can keep right up to date with what certain blogs are doing and how they are keeping.

One such blog, that I am really not sure how I came to found it, is called Scribbit Motherhood in Alaska.
I have just recently started following her and I came across this post she wrote a couple of days ago.
It hit right in the middle of my chest. The comments attached with it are heart stopping too.
She writes about a regret she had whilst out shopping one day and believe me, everyone has probably been in that exact situation at sometime.

Go on over and check out what she wrote about and don't forget to read the comments with it.

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