Tuesday, January 13, 2009


As Steve dropped me off at work today, I happened to notice that I had dribbled toothpaste down the top I am wearing!
Nothing too obvious, but enough to make me wish that I had another top to change into. One exactly the same would be good because I like my outfit today, colourful and summery.

This then made me remember something from many years ago......

About 13 years ago I got to go on a short holiday (7 days) with my parents to Florida. Dad was there on business, mum was visiting dad and I went to do my first attempt at the NCLEX Exam (Nursing exam).
Whilst we were there, the people my dad knew there took us to this house. This house belonged to a very wealthy man and the guy my dad knew was looking after the house for him.
The house was situated on the beach front and had other very large houses, owned by famous people, nearby; it even had its own little private subway under the road by which to gain access to the beach by!

The house had everything anyone could ever dream of wishing for, a kitchen like no other I had seen, including a walk in fridge, complete with it’s own huge fridge just for the wine (I know, everyone’s main priority)
The library was amazing, one of those libraries that had shelves from floor to ceiling and a sliding ladder by which to reach the books by, a very business like library but so inviting to come and sit and read in.
The dinning room was huge and very welcoming to fabulous dinner parties as required.
There was art all over the house, obviously it was all very expensive art, but this was a house that had art on the wall for the art itself not the cost. Some of it was chosen because it was liked not because it cost the earth. Although we were informed that they own a piece of art that was currently not at the house because it was on loan to a museum! Man I wish a museum would pay me to loan a piece off my wall?

The garden was beautiful and accentuated the pool area nicely. (We did actually get to come back another day and have lunch by the pool and swim)

There was a guest wing, that was set aside for his daughter, if she ever visited, and the wing was set ready for someone to stay, and I mean totally ready, the towels were set out, the robe hung on the back of the door and the bed was made, although we got told that no one had actually stayed in the guest wing for over a year, but it was still all set up just in case. Oh and it was still cleaned everyday to keep it all fresh.
In the main house for every bedroom (I think there were about 5 or 6) there was a walk-in closet and bathroom. All the bedroom also faced out over the beach side of the hosue, so everyone had the same view from their room.
The main bedroom was grand but nothing too flash. Nice size bed and a little sitting area. The bathroom had the normal separate sinks etc and was well lit, no putting on your makeup in a dim lit room.
He apparently liked clean pyjamas every night and also liked to have clean sheets on the bed every night! Now at the time I thought this was extravagant, but everytime I climb into my own bed on the day we have changed the sheets I love that clean sheet feeling, and now looking back I am so totally envious of this guy having clean sheets everyday!

We then got shown something very private about the guy that owned the house, his wardrobe.
It was nothing special but what was amazing about it was the fact that all the shirts he owned were in colour order in the wardrobe and that there were 4 of every colour!
This is the amazing part…..this was because when he held a party or gathering etc if he spilt something on his shirt or he started to sweat he was able to excuse himself upstairs and change his shirt, but of course, by changing into a clean shirt of the same colour then no one would notice he had changed and everyone would just continue to comment on how smart and well presented he always looked.

And that is what made me think of this this morning, me needing to change my top and how I wished I had another exactly the same in my wardrobe so I didn’t have to think about what to replace it with.

Maybe when I win the lottery, then I can buy 4 of everything for that just in case moment!


Needled Mom said...

That would be a dream. Do you think he appreciated it all?

boysmum2 said...

I have no idea, but I thnk he did as he sounded really nice and friendly from what we got told