Thursday, January 15, 2009


Oh that great big world wide web site that everyone finds their childhood friends on.
I was on Facebook about 18 months ago, but was sick of the constant emails that came with it of people asking me to take this test, or that test, or was I compatible with so and so.

I could never navigate myself around their site easily, I didn't understand what was so great about it and in fact I wasn't that bothered by it.
So I deactivated my account and left it at that.

In the last month or so I seem to have heard a lot about Facebook and decided to go check it out.
Yes I reactivated my account....

Things have changed, for the better, it is nicer to use, I can find what I need to do easier, finding friends is not difficult, in fact I now have quite a few friends, and I thought nobody loved me!
I have found people I knew from over 13 years ago and people who I was sad about loosing contact with.
Some I am so happy to have found again, some I just want to rush over to the other side of the world and give great big hugs to and others well it is just nice to catch up with where they are at and what they are doing.

So I am now on Facebook, ok, not in an over active way. I am not pouring out every little thing I do on there, I have a few pictures on there for people to see, I have a link to my blog so people can catch up with what we are up to more regularly and that will be were it stands for now.

Maybe one day I will investigate what else there is out there to do on Facebook, but for now I am just having a happy week catching up with some very old lost friends.

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