Friday, January 09, 2009

How Stupid

The main headline news today in New Zealand is the fact that 2 Australian Tourists, 2 brothers aged 22 & 24yrs old, here on holiday with their extended family, have been killed on Fox Glacier in the South Island.

Turns out they decided they wanted a better picture of the glacier and so they crossed the safety barrier and walked a little way to stand under a lip and have their picture taken. You can imagine the rest....the glacier was unstable due to recent rain and collapsed, killing both of them.

Now I know 20 yr old boys can be defiant but this takes it all a little far. I also realise that this was a freak accident, but stupid can people be? There are safety barriers for a reason?! Turns out one of the brothers was an Areospace Engineer, so you would have thought they would have had half a brain between them!
I feel sorry for the parents, who went on a wonderful family holiday with their sons, their only sons at that too, and now have to return home without them because, simple put, they were stupid!
My thoughts are with the parents because the thought of loosing my 2 precious monsters is not even worth thinking about!

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