Saturday, January 03, 2009

Unrest in Paradise

Its 11.30 at night and I am laid in bed trying to work out what to write in this post.......

We have had a great day. The boys started the day with a Treasure Hunt, organised by the campsite. It was excellent and I will blog later about exactly what was involved and how you too can use the same principal.
Grandma has been here for the last couple of days and she was now getting ready to pack up and go home.
It was raining when we went grocery shopping in Waihi, which was nice actually because it cooled it down a little for at least 5 minutes. It also meant swimming in the hot pools after lunch was not as hot as it could have been, amazing how hot the pools get with the sun!
The rest of the afternoon was a blob fest, Ben was off playing with other kids at the site and this is where the trouble all started....By the time we sat down for dinner he had successfully dissappeared 3 times to places we didn't know he had gone, nor had he told us or asked permission! The last incident was just as I was about to serve dinner and so he spent most of dinner in timeout....a very noisy timeout I must add, within an hour of that timeout he had already had another! This was all whilst Steve and I were deciding what punishment he required for the next day due to the warnings he had had from us all afternoon. Consequently Ben is now grounded for the morning tomorrow, this meaning that he is not allowed to venture from the caravan. He has to play in or around the caravan, no going to someone else's caravan, no going off to play at the trampoline!
Not quite sure if he fully understands what is involved, but we will see tomorrow, will let you know.
Once all was quiet on the western front, Steve and I sat down and watched "Nim's Island" actually quite a cool little movie, I enjoyed it, but then so did Alex I think!? Because he came plodding out to us half way through in tears, bad dream I think. I knew he wouldn't settle back into bed, so I snuggled him with me on the settee. Before the end of the movie, which was about 2 1/2 hours after they had both gone to bed, all 4 of us were sitting watching it! By the time we all actually went to bed at 11.30pm we had played musical beds. Alex was now restlessly sleeping with me, and Steve was on the top bunk with Ben on the bottom, nothing like having family beds in this place!

Which now brings me back to the start, it is 11.30 at night and I am laid in bed composing this blog, thinking that I really need to get a notebook to write down these wonderful ideas I have so late at night! I composed this post so well last night and now I can't think of the wonderful way I put the words. Oh well life goes on!


Kent and Leisy said...

I really enjoyed Nim's Island as well!! and I agree- all good blog posts remain in my head while the ones I end up writing seem so disjointed :)

Debbie said...

Hi there! Just wanted to let you know that you are all linked up on Blog Around the World. As a result of the holidays, I am a bit behind so I apologize for the delay.