Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Miracle of Blogging

I am amazed at myself for all I have self taught myself on this wonderful programme.

I was always a self taught computer person from the beginning and now I have successfully taught myself loads of stuff about Blogger.
I am sure there are still other little things that I could do to give my blog more pinaze and flare, or some special little button that does some simple wonderful effect, I will find them one day.

In my time I have learnt to log on, create a blog, change the template and even change the colour of the font.
I can make the font small or large, pink or blue.
I can make it bold, make it look pretty in Italics.

I can centre it
I can move it to the right
And even back again to the left.
I have learnt to write a list
  1. eggs
  2. bananas
  3. bread
And even how to add a photo of someone special

A picture that deplicts what I am writing about

Or a special video of something interesting

I have even managed to change the background on my page with the wonderful stuff from over at The Cutest Blog on the Block, which reminds me, I have even managed to create hyperlinks to places!

But in all my blogging time, I have yet to work out how to write some text and place strikethrough on a word???

There is no button for it in the create a post screen and I am at a lose as to how to do it?
Maybe one day Google will create the button for us or some kind person will give me a tutorial on what to do??

Till then, I will do what I have learnt and keep trying new things to find out what they do.
Happy Blogging


Laurie from Rotorua said...

That is all great...but how do you put music on ???

Owlhaven said...

to do a strikethrough--you'll have to get into the html of the post. Surround the word 'del' with carrots in front and back,like this < del > but without the spaces. Place that in front of the word that you want to strikethrough. Then after the word you put carrots around '/del' like this- < / del > but again without the spaces. Apparently this html is not allowed in comments, however!