Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Mary over at Owlhaven is in the middle of assisting her daughter with her wedding.
She has posted several times about the wedding and the last few posts have been asking the cyber community about their wedding and what they would do differently or what they loved etc.

The biggest thing I have picked up on from all the comments I have read is that everyone would do the Photographer differently.
Turns out this is where they all scrapped to save money and now regret it because they don't have many pictures, or pictures of the people they wanted.

I was very lucky with the photographer. My cousin had just got married the year before and she had her husband's cousin do the pictures. He is studying to do photography and I feel he did a lovely job at Kerry's wedding, so I asked him to do ours.
He was a little hesitant at first, worried he wouldn't do a good job and kept asking us if we were sure we didn't want a professional photographer?
But at the end of the day, the price we paid was for him to be there all day, come to the hotel to picture me getting ready, pictures of me arriving at the service, pictures of the service, afterwards, nice ones of the wedding party and then at the reception. We made him a guest at our reception and this then meant he could take pictures as he wanted but also enjoy the reception with an actually place setting. Afterwards he went through all the pictures, got rid of the very bad ones and then gave us all the pictures he had taken, well over 1000.
We didn't have to go through the straight away and make up an album with him at all. We now have all the pictures for us to take our time, put them together how we want them and when we can afford them.

I wouldn't have changed anything about our photographer.

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