Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Purple Dinosaur

The Purple Dinosaur, otherwise known as Barney, has made another appearance in our lives. This time I am not sure how long he is here to stay as he is being taken everywhere.

Yesterday he had to go to Daycare, he was with us at dinnertime last night and today he went with us on errands, to the park and to the dentist in the afternoon. He is always there at bedtime, in fact that is where he normally lives.

Now neither of my boys have been that bothered by anything before, that it has to go everywhere with us, so this is rather unusual to have something constantly with us.
Alex telling daddy all about it
On the swing
Climbing rocks at the park
On the stand up roundabout
On the see-saw
Checking out the ducks on the lake
Oh yea, Ben was at the park too, but luckily there was no extra person or thing with him, just us.

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