Monday, January 12, 2009

Nappy Update

Alex once again went to bed with no napy at 7.45pm.
Unfortunately when we went to bed at 11, he was sound a sleep in a wet bed!
Yea for the training cloth under the sheet, only pyjamas and sheets to wash, no matress etc.
He happily agreed to a nappy for the rest of the night, which I am not sure if it was the good thing to do but seeing as the training cloth was in the wash, then I was happy.
Of course his nappy was totally dry this morning, but seeing as he pee'd when he did he had nothing to pee during the night!
Oh well will carry on tonight.

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Brenda Susan said...

Oh, man, the days of potty training! I also have only boys so I don't know which is easier. Boys are a bit more complicated though. Ha! Thanks for coming to my place! I'll be back to yours too!