Thursday, January 08, 2009

Too Many Indians

Steve is at present sat still on holiday at the caravan with the boys...!
Me, I am in Hamilton at work...and that is where my frustration comes in?

I am having a very difficult frustrating day at work and there is no one at home to talk it through with and I don't even have the ability to call him, as his mobile is his work number and he didn't take it to the caravan with him, mainly because that way no one could call him!

I am ready to throw the computer at all the stupid people here at work and tell them to go shove the patient surgical codes whereever the patient doesn't want them.
Everyone is talking the same language but differently and it is getting very frustrating.

I feel like I am hitting my head against the wall ever few hours as the day has passed.

The amount of stuff, that due to the current holidays we have just passed through, have cause hassle and confusion!
I have now identified several areas that we need to change how things are done, but because I don't actually know exactly how everything is done in certain areas, then it is all getting mixed together and we are coming out in a jumble not a straight line.

I think we have finally got to the proverbial "Too Many Chiefs and Not Enough Indians"

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