Friday, January 30, 2009


When I went to collect Alex from Daycare yesterday, his first words to me were 'Evaporation'

Yep that is right, I have been sending him to play lots learn lots and he blows me away with things like evaporation.
He even went on to tell me that you get a glass of water, leave it in the garden and it evaporates up to the sky to make the clouds!

He is 3 1/2!
So consequently I love this new Daycare, I am going to have a buddy Einstein before the end of the year.

Oh and thank you so much to Mary over at Owlhaven for leaving a comment to my blogging post abd explaining to me how to do strickthrough. As yoyu can see above it worked brilliantly and I am so impressed with myself for doing it first time. You are great, thanks.

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