Sunday, January 11, 2009


When Grandma was staying with us at the caravan, she talked to Ben about how he was big enough now to not have to wear nappies at nighttime.
I think this sunk into his head somewhere?
Well if it didn't sink into his head it sure sunk into his little brothers! Alex annouced last night that he was not wearing nappies to bed anymore!

Now as you may remember from here, Alex is good at annoucing something and then sticking to it. It is exactly what he did when he decided he wasn't wearing nappies during the day anymore.
SO I actually agreed to go with this as I have a feeling it will work.
So off he went to bed last night, no nappy on, a quick trip to the toilet before going upstairs, juice in hand as normal because I am not changing things, oh and a bed wetting cover had been placed on the bed under the sheet.

I can report today that we had a dry night. Yea for us.
He came into me twice last night to snuggle and each time I did ask him if he needed to go and each time he replied 'No'
This morning when he got up he apparently went straight to the bathroom and did his business.

Will keep you posted on how the week goes, but at least it is summer time and the sheets will dry easy. Now we just have to slowly work on Ben and see if he fancies the idea? Although I am in no hurry and I am not going to force the issue, when he is ready it will happen.
Although the real bummer of it all is that we had just gone grocery shopping yesterday and I had just brought a new packet of Alex size nappies!

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Needled Mom said...

Ah yeah!!!! Let's hope it continues.