Friday, January 02, 2009

Summer Holiday

It is our summer holiday.
We are having a great time. The sun is shinning but we are also getting the rain, sometimes enough to cool the air othertimes enough to flood the people in the tents! How I don't envy them at all.
The boys are loving the freedom they have, they can roam to the trampoline, other peoples caravans, the games room and tv room. They know not to cross the yellow line out to the car park.
They have had fun with a tarpauline, hosepipe and washing up liquid making a water slide.
They have eaten when they more or less want to and most of the time it has been a BBQ.
Steve and I have sat and read books for hours on end and not had to worry too much about where the boys are, so very relaxing.
The scenery is lovely, the beach is 3 kms away and the closest shop is 5 kms away.
Someone actually asked me what the day was the other day and I struggled to tell them, radio reception is not good here and neither is tv, so we are so out of touch with the world, I am not even sure if it is still there?
We only go into the local town, 12kms away, to do grocery shopping and then we turn round and come straight back to our little paradise. Isn't life great? Or more to the point, this is exactly what a summer holiday should be like...3 weeks of chilling out and relaxing and not having a care in the world.

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Needled Mom said...

I love a holiday when I actually have to think what day it is. Enjoy!