Thursday, July 24, 2008


For those that don't know Hamilton, It is a wonderful town situated around the Waikato River.
The river actually runs up the centre of Hamilton. Which means that Hamilton is divided into 2 parts, either side of the river.

There are several bridges to use at certain points that enable you to cross over the river, and these are limited, only 5 that I can think of!

Now it is just under a year since the bridge collapse in Minneapolis, Minnesota where the bridge collapsed in the middle into the Mississippi River, sadly killing 7 people.

Unfortunately, evertime I go over a bridge in Hamilton I always think about what could happen. I am not morbid or neurotic, it is just always there.

There is nothing I can do about this, it is like thinking about all the plane crashes around the world. You hear about them, but it doesn't stop you getting on the plane, because the chance of it ever happening to you is such a slim chance that it is part of life that you are prepared to deal with.

It is the same with the bridges with me. I know it will never happen. I also know life would cease to function if I suddenly had an over whelming morbid fear of going on the bridges, because we live on the other side of the river to work, school, daycare, downtown, all the supermarkets that are worth shopping at and the hospital. Generally to live in Hamilton you must be prepared to travel across a bridge!

But that won't stop me thinking about the safety of the bridges everytime I have to travel across one.

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