Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Family Circle

This magazine has been around for many many years.
A couple of years ago I subscribed to it, as I felt it was a wonderful resource for family things, funny seeing as it is called 'Family Circle'
Anyway, back in 2006 they suddenly sent me a letter informing me that Family Circle was no longer going to production and as I had a subscription with them then please enjoy the enclosed magazine instead. What ever was enclosed was crap and not worth the 2 months I had left, but hey that was life.

So imagine my surprise today when at the supermarket and I come across the 'Winter' edition of the Family Circle.
From what I can work out, although I haven't actually read it anywhere, I think they have decided to bring it back to product but only as a quarterly thing not monthly.
I brought the edition anyway, always good to see what they have to say or share.
It was completely full of recipes and craft ideas, lots of craft ideas, but hey that goes back to the TIME thing again.
I won't be subscribing to it, not that fantastic enough to warrent that, but nice to see it back.

Oh and while we are talking about subscriptions to magazines then I must apologize to my mum, because she had a wonderful idea to subscribe to the magazine 'Healthy Food Guide' back in January.
The magazine was being sent to me and I would then have the privilege of reading it before I put it in the post to her in Dubai.
Well it keeps arriving, but somehow never seems to make it to the post box. I think I have sent her 2 editions and I have received 5-6.
Really sorry mum, now if I could just find all the ones left to mail her, I can keep them in a nice tidy corner until she gets here in 6 weeks time.
Will give her something to do in the 10 days she is here before my wedding....don't want her to be bored now do we?!

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