Wednesday, July 09, 2008


It is freezing cold here!! -1 & -2 most mornings with frost. Haven't seen frost since I lived in England over 10 years ago!
And I wish I could say that it is just outside! For some reason this house is so cold.
We are talking wrap up in blankets with the heat going cold. I am sat typing this at 11am and I have gloves and a wolly hat on! I don't think the temperature in this house is higher than 18c
We just don't seem to be able to get this house warm?
We have spent a fortune on electricity in the last 2 months and still have a freezing cold house!

We do have some solutions:
  1. Putting in a heat pump tomorrow. Hopefully this will be better than the oil fin radiator we are using.
  2. We are getting new curtains in most of the windows and blinds at the kitchen window. To try to keep as much heat in a possible. We have curtains up already, but they don't fit completely.
  3. We are thinking of getting the walls insulated with foam.

Now the last house we had did not have insulation in the walls, and we managed to heat the place with the oil fin heater.

Ok we have stairs coming off the lounge, but the upstairs is not warm either. This whole house is like a freezer. I can put meat out on the kitchen surface to defrost and it is still partly frozen 8-9 hours later.

We have a cover over the banister of the stairs to prevent all the heat from dissappearing up there, hoping it will stay in the lounge.

I love this house, just roll on spring and summer when it will be warmer.

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