Sunday, July 20, 2008


I am sick of washing clothes. I think we should invest in disposable clothes, would make life so much easier.
It is not that I don't like doing the washing, sometimes I do, it is just the amount we seem to create and then the joy of getting it all dried on wet days.

I have realised that of course it is worse in the winter due to the fact we are wearing more clothes.

In the summer the average person wears a t-shirt and shorts, with underwear of course, so this amounts to very small things per person per day to wash. Unfortunately in the winter everyone wears 15 layers, well it feels like it!

But when you have had to wash per day for one person, socks, trousers, vest, shirt and jumper, some which are not thin things because that wouldn't keep you warm! Well then you end up with a full basket after just 2 days with 4 of you wearing the clothes.

No wonder it is never ending in the winter but so easy to get through in the summer.
Oh by the way, I do now own a tumble drier, only a little one, just big enough to do a small load if need be, my spirits are rising..

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