Monday, July 21, 2008

The Wall That Was....

We have been making some adjustments to the house.

We decided that there was one room in the house that was not getting utilised to its full potential.

As you come in the front door there is a room either side. The left is the study and the right , well it was a spare room, come playroom, come anything room, but because it is cold in there nothing much happens there.

The living room though is too small and the wall between the front room and the living room was a false wall, as you can see in the pictures.

So on Saturday we took it down, now don't fear this was not a spur of the moment decision, we had already talked about doing this. In fact we had even gone so far as to plan it, with the position we put the heat pump when it was installed last week.

So we planned to knock the wall down and extend the living area, thus creating a tucked away lounge and now a lovely sitting welcoming area where the boys can play with their toys in the warmth and everyone is much happier, oh yea and with much more space.

The wall actually came down very simply and cleanly, apart from decorating, which we are planning on doing very last, it looks so well done.

Of course the boys helped us and it was very much a family smashing of the wall.

I was a little eager in my picture taking and that is why everything is still in such a mess!

Now the living room is warm and cosy, very important, we have a lovely big play area for the boys, plus somewhere to sit that is different from the living room when someone pops over, and the fold down sofa bed has lots of space, ok those staying do now have to sleep in the middle of the house at the bottom of the stairs with no privacy, but who cares, we don't get that many over night guests versus our comfort whilst living in the house.

So now we are better utilising the space within our house and I am sure all those house sorting programmes would be well please with our efforts to conserve and maintain an efficient heating system within the house, that is using the heat correctly and with minimal effort and cost!

Man I am good, too good sometimes!!

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