Monday, July 28, 2008


Alex just came to me in the study with 3 Lala's in his hands, well one in his mouth and the others in his hand!
Lala's are dummies for those that don't know, and Alex is a conniesuer on dummies.

The first thing to hit me was 'how did he get those, they are on a high shelf?'
One step in to the kitchen and there is the dining room chair pushed up against the dishwasher where he had climbed up to get them!

I took them off of him and told him that he didn't have these during the day, only at nightime when he goes to bed.
As I made lunch so he climbed up again and got all 3 down.
So I told him again that he only has them at bedtime and if he wants them, then he must be tired and to go to bed.

So he did....!

As I write this, he is upstairs laid in Ben's bed with his 3 lala's and his Barney.
And he is very happy laid there too.

Now he does still have a daytime sleep at Daycare but has not had one at home since last year!
He hasn't had that much of a busy morning, he slept till 7am today after a big day yesterday and all he has done today is have his 1/2 hour swimming lesson.

I will leave him for 30 minutes and then I will go get him, sleep or no sleep, otherwise we will still know about it at 8.30pm tonight when he is wide a wake and wanting to watch tv with us, during our mummy daddy time, and that is a definite NO!

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