Wednesday, July 02, 2008


For those that don't know what Raclette is then read on.......this is a form of Swiss cheese, and when cooked under a funny little grill can create the most amazing dinners to share with Go check out here to find out much more about it.

My family first got introduced to this wonderful meal in Europe.
My parents now actually have a raclette machine, although coming across cheese for it here in NZ is sometimes a little challenging.
Anyway, the way it works is that you cook up a whole load of boiled potatoes, have dishes of salad, pickles etc and a nice big plate of assorted cold meats.

Everyone has their own little grill plate and this is where you place the cheese to have it melt, whilst the cheese is melting, you then place what ever food you want on your plate. When cheese has melted you pour it over food on your plate and eat whilst the next lot of cheese is melting.

So all in all a very slow process of eating, but that makes it good, because there is lots of chatter whilst slowly eating, where eventually you don't realise exactly how much you have eaten, or not, but that you feel quite full anyway.
We have some friends here in Hamilton who have just informed us they have a raclette machine and would we like dinner with them one evening. So the night is planned and I am now going to check if I can find the cheese in the local supermarket again.

My parents, as I mentioned, also have a machine and I think I am going to have to go and raid their house for it because we have a couple here in Hamilton who I would love to have over for dinner one night, and this would make for a wonderful evening. Although having just read the website I have for it, I think I might be purchasing one myself in the next couple of years as they are alive and well in Aussie and ship to NZ!

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