Monday, July 28, 2008


I have discovered the wonderful taste of sushi in the last year or so.
Nothing too exotic, just chicken and tuna ones.

There is a wonderful little sushi cafe here in Hamilton just round the corner from where we live, that serves gorgeous sushi.
Now several times this year I have stopped to get myself some for lunch and the boys have watch me eat it, whilst they have their lunch.

That was until last week when Ben suddenly said that he wanted sushi too.
So I brought an extra piece of chicken sushi for him and Alex to try.

And yes they tried it and yes they liked it. Now this didn't amaze me with Alex as he will eat just about anything, but it did amaze me with Ben as this is definitely not like him. But good on him for trying it.

Today, I have to confess I had sushi for lunch, and yes this time I had to buy a piece each for the boys. Luckily I came across this little dwarf sushi piece in the cafe, so for 70c each they got a piece of their own.


Oh and Alex is now up again, decided not to have a sleep and I have all the lala's, swapped them for a bowl of noodles that he had for lunch.

The sun is shinning, the washing is on the line and I might even get up the oomph to take the boys out in a minute to ride their bikes somewhere for 1/2 an hour.

Who knows what else the day will bring!

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