Sunday, July 27, 2008

Persil's Fun List

Persil in New Zealand has put together a Top Ten list of things every kid should try before they are 10.
Persil's motto is "every child has the right to be a child" and "dirt is good"

So here is the list they suggest for all children to be children and enjoy........

1) Lie on your back and look for shapes in the clouds.

Clouds come in many different shapes and sizes. The cool thing is that sometimes clouds can make shapes that look like animals or other things. So go outside, lay on the grass and check out what shapes you can see.

2) Camp out in the back yard

Whether you have your own tent or you construct something suitable, this activity will create a sense of adventure for the kids as they sleep out under the stars. If they do need adult supervision, then maybe consider putting up a second tent nearby, so they are on their own but with you close by.

3) Build a secret hut

Your kids will love having a secret hut all of their own, a special place they can meet their friends and have fun.
If your garden has lots of hidden areas, then consider helping them make something permanent with wood, maybe under or in a tree, even behind a bush.

4) Catch a fish

All kids love the excitment of actually catching a fish all by themselves, whether it be in the river, sea or off the end of the wharf.

5) Play in the rain

Simply put on you boots and coats and go jump in the puddles.

6) Build sandcastles at the beach

Who hasn't spent many a wonderful sunny day playing at the beach whilst on holiday building the fort or castle of your dreams. All you need is a bucket and spade and lots of imagination.

7) Learn to swim

Swimming is fun and every kid should learn to swim

8) Whoose down a mud slide

Have fun as a family by making your own in the back garden or visit one that is already made

9) Grow your own garden

Children love something that is all their own. You can give them a patch in the garden and let them decide what they would like to grow. Flowers, vegetables. Preferrably something that doesn't take too long to grow to begin with.

10) Make mud pies

Mud, water, plates, spoons and a wild imagination and you have the perfect setting for serving the family any creation made.

Isn't it amazing how the simple things are making a come back in what we should be doing and encouraging our children with. The world is their oyster, let them roam and imagine.

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Kent and Leisy said...

I love the ten! I'll have to start working on them with zebby!