Saturday, July 05, 2008

Kids & Cameras

We have always let the boys take pictures with the camera when they have wanted to, always with us nearby for assistance.
Ben is actually getting really good at taking pictures, and Alex is catching on up behind.

The only problem is that this now means they know how to use the camera, which can have its downfalls when they find the camera laying around and decide to use it without us nearby!

Alex did this 2 weeks ago, and unfortunately we discovered this when we came downstairs to see him trying to close it by leaning on the lens!

One quick call to the insurance company and off went the camera for a 'damage assessment'

The results.......the camera is not economically worth fixing and so a replacement will be issued. So now we are waiting for the insurance company to let us know this officially and then we get to go and buy a new camera. They will give us a voucher for a certain amount and if we want to spend more then we can, so hopefully in a week or so we will be back, well I will, in action with the camera.

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