Thursday, July 03, 2008


Yes Steve and I are going on a honeymoon in September when we get married.

The whole plan was that we would, as a family, go to Dubai where my parents currently are. This was organised last November by Steve and my father, part of that other story about my engagement that I still need to tell you!
So since we got engaged the wedding has been planned around us having our honeymoon in Dubai in September, thus the reason we chose a September wedding, get married the week before we go to Dubai, simple really.
Anyway, this last week there have been a few developments shall I say and sadly Dubai is now not a happening thing. Several different factors leading to situation that can not be changed and therefore not the wises thing to do.

So my parents solution to it is that my mum will now have the boys for a week here in our house and Steve and I will go away for a whole week by ourselves!
Yes you heard right...A WHOLE WEEK BY OURSELVES

I never dreamed I would get a proper honeymoon, well, not that I wouldn't have a honeymoon, but you know, with having the boys I always presumed that where ever we went they would come too, part of the joy of doing everything backwards!
I always imagined that we would be one of those couples that had a second honeymoon when the boys were older and we would say at the time that it was because they had come with us on our first one.

"So where are we going?" I can hear you all ask...

Well we thought of Australia, seeing as it is just a hop skip and a jump across the water, but then thought we ought to go somewhere a little more romantic and exotic so would you believe we are going to Tahiti, to one of the islands in the French Polynesian Region.
It is a dream honeymoon, golden white beaches, crystal blue clear water, hot sun, quaint little rooms amongst the gardens of the resort, I could go on and on....

So the boys will stay here, Ben will have started school by then, so he will be out all week, Alex will still be at Daycare 2 days during the week, so mum will have a quite an easy week actually, at least 2 full days to herself. So I think it will all go well.

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