Saturday, July 26, 2008

Wedding Countdown

8 weeks to go
I went and had a session with the florist during the week.
2 hours and several magazines later, I have found the style of bouquet I want for my flowers and Kerry, bridesmaid, we are having roses as the flower. The florist is now just going to see what colour she can obtain that will match the colour of the wedding.
We have also worked out how many button holes we require and who for and anyother flowers we may need for the day.
We are having button holes for the following:
  • Steve
  • Best Man
  • Father of the Bride
  • Mother of the Bride
  • Father of the Groom
  • MC ( currently my brother)
We have a meeting today with the restaurant, so will establish the lay out of the room etc and then this will give me a better indication of exactly how I want to decorate the room and tables. I can then let the florist know what we require on the tables in the way of flowers, although I am not going for too much, as I feel less is more, and does anyone really take that much notice of the flowers on the table and what happens to them at the end of the day?!
Although we do have a brunch for 50 people the day after at our house, so all flowers will go there for decoration.
I have also found the material for the bridesmaid dress and this is now with the dressmaker in Rotorua. Kerry will be visiting her in the next few weeks for measuring and then Jodie will get on and make the dress. I have my next dress fitting with everything in August. Should be a fun time.
Last weekend we went and sorted the kilts that Steve has decided that the men of the wedding are wearing. My dad will go and get his on the day before when we collect the others. No problems with this as we are not going with a set tartan per say, they don't have the one that matches any of the family, so are just going with random ones that are not too bad in colour.
Anyway they had kiddy kilts there and we asked the boys if they wanted to wear a kilt like daddy?
Alex jumped at the chance and was already for the lady to measure him and dress him. OMG he looked so cute! Ben on the other hand was a little reluctant to put one on and once had it on wanted to take it off! So Alex looks like he will be wearing a kilt, with sporen, at the wedding, Ben will not. But we are not too bothered as they are not part of the main wedding party so doesn't matter.
Although we came up with the wonderful idea that they could wear black trousers, white shirts and we will make them a tartan waistcoat. Ben likes this idea.
So 2 little tartan waistcoats will get made and then they have the choice of what they want to wear on the day. Less hassle, no arguements and all happy.
Last week I managed to obtain very cute little white shirts for them, black dress pants and some black shoes, so they are now already for the wedding.

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David said...

8 weeks will fly past, so let me congratulate you both on your upcoming wedding.

I had two little boys in kilt outfits at my wedding, they looked fantastic, and both enjoyed the experience.

If you need any further information or advice on kilts in general, please visit my site at

I wish you both all the best for your future together.

Kind Regards, David.