Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I get a new calendar for Christmas, it has been this way for years.

And if you are at all suspicious then you know you don't hang a new calendar until New Years.

I am also aware that people are now able to get 17 month calendars starting in about August, although what that is about I do not know....because the calendar then runs out the following December and then a 17 month one won't help you again because it will start at the wrong time of year!!!

But what I want to know is why do they not make calendars with 13 months in them?
The extra month......would be January of the next year.

Even now, as I am sorting out this new role at work, it involves a lot of January and it would be so great to be able to look ahead to that month, but seeing as I don't have my new calendar yet, won't even be looking to buy it until late November early December, it is very annoying trying to plan the time.

Just having the space for that extra month would see me over until my new calendar for 2009 is up and running after Christmas. I don't even mind having to spend an evening transposing everything from one calendar to the next, that is just part of life at that time of year when you have a new calendar.

So I have broken all the superstition that lies around this and have printed out a page for January from Publisher on the computer, so now I am able to plan daycare, school holiday programmes, Christmas holidays and my work days with ease because I have to alter the daycare for one of the weeks in January etc and this can not be done the week before because I have to know I will get the care I need for that time!

Oh and while we are on this subject, why do people put calendars on the wall in the toilet?

If you go to peoples homes inevitably you will find a calendar on the toilet wall? What is with this? And also more often than not it is a Racing Car Calendar!
Yes I have to confess I do have a calendar on the wall in my toilet, an Anne Geddes one with all the little babies in cute shots. Why it is there I do not know....? Cute to look at whilst doing your business probably!

Do you have a calendar on the wall of your toilet?

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Steve said...

Use the computer calender