Saturday, October 04, 2008

Tahiti - Crabs

Whilst walking along the road on Moorea we kept seeing things move just out of the corner of our eye.
There were loads of holes in the dirty along the road and Steve had commented as to where they came from.

So there we were one morning walking along and if you were quick enough you saw the crabs move!
And we are not talking one or two here, loads of them. Lots of different sizes too.
They all sat out in the sun and very quickly dissappeared down their holes when ever someone walked past. Sometimes they would hesitate at the top of the hole, as you can see in the pictures, just in case they were in no danger and didn't have to go down.
The side of the road had lots of bushes and in one place it was like the whole bush area was moving as you walked past because you just caught all the crabs moving down their holes as we walked past.

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