Sunday, October 05, 2008


Last night I woke at about 2am to find a body next to me! Nothing suspicious, just one of the boys, although as we were at the caravan and it was so dark I couldn't actually tell who I had next to me!
I did a quick feel down their body and still had no definite answer, as I stood up to return them to bed I decided from the weight that I had Ben in my arms.
So I manuovered myself in such a way so I could swing him around the ladder on the bunk bed to lie him back down.
So imagine my surprise as I went to lie him on the bed to find a body already there!
For 2 seconds I thought maybe Steve had put Alex back at the wrong end of the bed, they are top and tailing on the bottom bunk when we stay at the caravan because neither of them want to sleep on the top bunk, plus they are still a little small to sleep there, so I placed the body I had down on the bed and then I felt for their feet.
I found the feet of the person already in the bed and then found the feet of the person I had just returned and was immediately able to tell who was who in the dark.

The powers of being a mother....when you can tell your children apart in the dark by feeling their feet!

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