Thursday, October 16, 2008

Love Stories - Part 2

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So suddenly I had the person Steve was seeing accusing me of wanting to take him away from her.
So not what I wanted at this time. Steve was great about it and told me not to worry and to just ignore it, he would take care of it all.
He continued to see someone until she left to go overseas to work sometime during the early part of '99.

I do however remember at the time knowing that I had a feeling that maybe Steve was going to ask me out!
At the time Steve was Steve and you just didn't date Steve, he was just Steve!

So ever though he started to get friendlier, it was the furthest thing from my mind and I totally ignored all the advances, oblivious to some of them I think you will find our friends will say!

I do however remember that he was just about to buy a new house and I somehow managed to agree to help him choose new curtains for it! He was now working in a different position within the department and I was working with him in a different way to when I first started at the hospital. So a friendship had started to come out, but I was still aware that he would have liked it to be more.
During the winter months (Apr - Sept) Steve organised TGIF evenings, every week at work a notice would go up as to which bar TGIF was meeting in for that week. It was very popular and loads of people went, including me. Sometimes there were just a few people other weeks it was packed!

During this time I also went to a Tupperware Party and ended up agreeing to have a party of my own! Steve bought the most stuff from the catalogue, his excuse, at the time was that he was just setting up his new house and he needed all this stuff in his kitchen.
I remember letting him know that his order was now ready to be collected and somehow, will never understand how, he managed to wangle his way into having dinner at my house at the same time as collecting his order!

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Wildwood Mama said...

Just getting to your story...I'm impressed that your man got to you through tupperware!