Sunday, October 19, 2008

Jumping Beans

As Ben has now started school, Alex and I have 3 days together.
I decided that he needed something to do, and as he was not that much into swimming, at the time, then I thought something active would be good.
So I got him a term at Jumping Beans.

This is where they go and do music, actions, dancing and climbing activities.
Gets them thinking about using their hands to music and generally finding out what their little bodies are capable of doing. There is an activity obstacle course set up around the room, lots of ladder climbing, walking on beams, going down slides, jumping and rolling.

Alex had a blast, he loved it.
Pictures below show you just a few of the things he got up to on his first day....

Jump, high can you go?

Rolling on cushions

Learning movement and momentum

Look mum, no feet!

Bubbles, bubbles, everywhere
This post also just happens to be my 500th! Yea to me, although with my little challenge for the year I am actually still 24 days ahead of myself. Didn't think I would get this far a head, seeing as at the beginning of the year I had trouble getting enough for the amount of days in each month!
Oh well, roll on 600.....

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