Friday, October 10, 2008


Those pesky lions have come to visit our house!

What I mean is that Alex came flying into our room at 2am last night, climbed in bed with me, curled up in a tight little ball and snuggled in really hard, all while having a little shaking fit.

I guessed that something had spooked him, so I let him stay.
Even half an hour later when Steve realised that he was there, he was still unsettled. he immediately crawled over to Steve and snuggled in with him. Almost in a 'Daddy please protect me way...?'

This morning, Alex was still totally attached to me, arms and legs wound round me in bed.
When I asked him what was wrong he just kept staring at the door.
Finally Steve came back in the room and Alex asked him if the lions had gone?

"Lions?' asked Steve
"Yes" said Alex

"Where were they?" asked Steve

"In our bedroom" said Alex

"Well they have gone now" said Steve

"Gone where?" asked Alex

Steve thought before he answered "Gone back to the zoo to see his friends"

"What with the giraffe?" asked Alex

"Yes" said Steve

"OK well then I can get a ladder and climb up on the giraffe and go see them" said Alex

"Guess so" said Steve

End of conversation but sadly not the end of the lions, seems they have popped up all day.

Alex wouldn't go in his room unless one of us went with him this morning, he tentatively peered round his door before entering his room.
When we asked him to go upstairs to get something before we went out, he wanted someone to go with him.
Even a little while ago he asked me where a certain toy was, and when I told him it was in his room, he wanted me to go with him because he said he didn't want to get scared.

So maybe the active little brain of a 3 yr old has finally got to bad dreams and wild imaginations.

Will let you know if the lions stay for too long, hope not, otherwise I may run out of food to feed them with!
Even as I have just finished writing this post, Alex has stood next to me and asked "Did daddy send the lions back to the zoo today?"

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